fredag 28 oktober 2011

OUT NOW!!! "Storfinansen 7" EP

After desperate hours, days, months almost years the "Storfinansen" 7" EP is out now!
4-tracks of Scandinavian hardcore-mangel. No joke.
For this one De:Nihil Records got together with worlds greatest hardcorepunk label D.takt & Råpunk Records and they offer you two killer versions. 
A very nice foldout/A3-poster-sleeve made in 160 copies only and a clean gatefoldsleeve version made in 600 copies
40sek/each + postage. Buy from the De:Nihil webshop or from D-takt distro.
(wholesale customers, get in touch with the labels)

Upp punkarna!

 Gatefold version 600copies.
Limited edition version 160copies.

Here's a track from this EP. 

onsdag 26 oktober 2011


Got an email from Jocke D-takt & Råpunk Rec today telling us he sent us a batch of "Storfinansen" EP.
You'll be able to order from us De:Nihil Records and D-takt & Råpunk Rec.
More info soon!

måndag 24 oktober 2011

New gig added!

Barcelona show added for Jan 7 2012. We're stoked.
Swedish friends Infernöh will be there as well!
Check it out!

torsdag 20 oktober 2011

Somewhat website...

Yes believe it or not! We're trying to mangla together something like a place to post updates and stuff.
Be patient!