måndag 18 januari 2016

All our stuff online!

We just put up almost everything we've released so far on our bandcamp-thingy.
It's all free so blow your speakers now!

Kvoteringen Bandcamp

onsdag 15 februari 2012

Kvoteringen will play Motala Hardcore Festival

Dybbuk Rec to release "Samhällets Förrädare" on cd!

Yes, Dybbuk Records will release the "Samhällets Förrädare" album on CD!
The album has to this point only been available on LP (Feral Ward) but now Dybbuk are releasing it together with a bunch of bonus tracks.
Check this out!

söndag 1 januari 2012

The lists!

Just found "Storfinansen" listed on Masken BloggAsFuck and Hedvux Doomsday Mag Best of 2011 lists!
Cheers to that!

måndag 26 december 2011

"Storfinansen" review in maximum Rocknroll

Here's a new review from Maximum Rocknroll #344. We're also on a few of their "Top Tens".

Lukinzine mixtapes!

This is awesome work by Ramon Lukinzine! Check out these mixtapes he made for the Indonesian punks that got arrested.